Battery Widget Reborn – Get to Know Your Phone’s Backup

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Battery Widget Reborn Download

Modern smartphones and tablets have changed this world and now people like to stay connected with their loved ones through these new ways of communication. Aside from the communiqué, there is a lot more to do with gadgets. You can browse the internet, email friends, read online books, watch videos and do anything else you want.

“Battery widget reborn is a useful app for Android users because it lets you know everything about your device’s backup.”

Knowing the real battery life of one’s phone is very important because it warns you to recharge phone timely. So if you don’t want to face embarrassment due to low-battery warnings or missing an important call, then try to opt for this particular app.

android battery widget

The battery widget reborn android app has many great functions to make your work easier. There is nothing to worry about because the app also improves the efficiency of remaining backup. Here I would like you to have a look at the following prominent features so that you can understand what it really offers.

Key Features:

  • Resizable on Android 4.x+
  • Basic battery information
  • Circle battery level indicator that fits pure Android design
  • Multiple icon styles to make you feel awesome
  • Shortcuts to Wi-Fi, Power-Summary, Background Sync and Bluetooth settings
  • Support for both external and main dock battery (ASUS Transformer only)
  • Power saving functionality
  • Discharging and charging chart
  • Prediction on how long battery lasts
  • Modifiable texts in the notification area
  • Optional discharging and charging charts

There is a lot more to enjoy with the Battery widget reborn and you can explore everything simply by grabbing it right from the Google Play Store. However, it is not free like many other Play Store apps. You need to spend $2.35 to make it your own. Hit the link below to get it on your phone.

Download Battery Widget Reborn


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