Audible gets a Major Update

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audible update

Dona??t have time to read books?

Audible from Amazon Company allows you to listen to your favorite books without turning around the page. Script plays an important role in our life and provides us with assistance in different fields of life. If you want to find a solution to any specific problem, check out the concerned book that you can easily find from around the web.

a??The Audible app for Android has got a recent update and complete overhaul.a??

There is no need to purchase printed books because they would require a massive free time to read. According to the latest update, the app has experienced a completely new way of serving its users. You must be willing to know whata??s new in this upgrade.

What is new in this version:

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The update has been pushed out through the Google Play Store. With quickly changing requirements of users, the app has also been modified accordingly. You will be happy to know that each and everything inside the application has been overhauled according to the modern needs of users.

Many people have established libraries at their homes and they visit it seldom. In such a way, books lying in the library put an extra Burden on your lovely house. Ita??s time to shift this entire library into your smartphone. Also users will not have to spend a lot of time in turning around the pages to find the desired information. Instead they can easily tap the play button in order to listen to the info that they have been looking for.

Hit the link below if you have not installed this app yet.

Free Download Audible for Android


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