Angry Birds Star Wars Mystery Image Exposed By Rovio

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teaser image has been released by rovio

Are you one of Angry Birds enthusiasts?

Get ready for the ultimate excitement because Angry birds star wars is no more away from your approach. Rovio has recently uncovered the new image depicting the new version of this world-famous game.

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They have shown off this image before the fresh content update. The above-posted image has been labeled #19 through twitter. Although this was not an official declaration, yet Rovio has indicted the extreme stuff shown in the picture.

Currently we do not have any idea about the upcoming levels of Angry birds star wars, however, the newest image tells the story itself. We can imagine the classy and explosive interaction of birds with stars.

The teaser image has fund the fire in the forest of Angry birds fans. They are getting curious to see the next spectacular stages. Well, nothing can be done except waiting for the official announcement.

It would not be appropriate to say something about the recently revealed image. Nevertheless, one thing which is for sure is the tremendous feature enhancement capability with modern levels. We cannot deny the real charm created by the Rovio.

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No exact date for the release of angry birds star wars issued by the developers. However, it is expected that it would not take too long as users cannot wait anymore. The company also does not want to delay in launching such impressive game.

Actual release would bring a wonderful revolution among fans and the app would get more appreciation from around the globe.

So, keep waiting until the Rovio makes it official release for the entire Android community.

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