Amazon Appstore Comes To China, Offering Paid Applications Before Google Play

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Amazon Appstore China release

Amazon Appstore aims to expand the availability of its services and Android apps. Recently, they have hit china with an intention to boost up their business activities. The company officially announced the launch of their services in the famous Chinese market with a great availability of the paid and free apps.

The number of Android users has increased to a huge volume and everyone likes to download the latest and useful apps. Due to the great demand for Android applications, Amazon app store has started launching its own free and paid apps for the convenience of the users.

Amazon Appstore

If you like to install various sorts of games and other constructive android apps, then the Amazon app store can assist you in the right way. They are trying to be a little bit different from the Google Play Store. Thata??s why offer apps before the Googlea??s app store. This is why consumers are switching to the Amazon Appstore.

You might be amazed to know that Google Play does not offer any paid apps in China, but Amazon has taken initiative to offer paid apps as per requirements of Chinese people. With this great advancement, the Amazon AppStore has become the first platform to offer paid Android applications in China.

The company has not made any official announcement yet, but we expect to see something important from Amazon soon. Well, the information mentioned above has been extracted from the genuine and reliable sources. Amazon has also reached Europe back in the last year.

You should not forget that Amazon announced that they wish to bring their Appstore source to 200 countries all around the world. Finally, the company has started delivering the agreed things.

If you reside in China, then you can take pleasure in the gorgeous and useful paid applications offered by the Amazon Appstore. There are also loads of free apps to choose from.

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