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Users often trap into some situations where they need someone to assist with operating their Android device. For instance, you are driving the car and want to read and important text message or wish to attend a significant phone call. This could be dangerous if you are thinking to read the message or attend the call on your own.

“Agent for Android is an amazing application that reads text messages and answer phone calls on your behalf.”

The app reads the text messages aloud so that you can easily hear what someone wants to convey. In the same fashion, you can dictate the desired response by voice and the agent for android will itself write the same words for you. In this way, a busy person will not need to take the phone out of his pocket, read the text and then reply accordingly.

Apps like this really add more easiness to human lifestyle. Another fantastic feature of the agent for android is its ability to put your phone on to silence when you are attending an important meeting. We often get embarrassed when the louder ringtone of our phone breaks the silence and everyone starts staring abruptly. To avoid this sort of awkward situation, the agent itself tackles the problem by putting phone on silence.

It feels awesome to have a silent personal assistant that does not bug and solve the problematic situations when you are not in a position to tackle them. So never get disturbed and get even the most out of it. The app can be grabbed from the Play Store without paying even a single buck.


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