5 New Android Apps This Weekend

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It is advisable to install new android apps as they give some innovation to your device. We bring some exciting applications for our visitors every weekend. This time we have brought 5 new Android apps that can bring a great change in your life. They will definitely save your precious time that might be spent while searching for the right apps from the Google Play Store. Here are the top-rated apps for this weekend:


GrabCAD Download

This is for the first time when an Android user can easily access to any 3D CAD models using his/her mobile device. Actually, the GrabCAD app provides access to both private projects saved on GrabCAD Worktable as well as GrabCAD public library. You can make the best use of this lucrative app. This is on top of the pile when it comes to this weekend’s top 5 new android apps.



Rockmelt brings everything including best of the internet, blogs and news in your hands. You do not need to search for the desirable content from around the web because Rockmelt offers you customized features. Use this app on your Android tablets and phones to get the most newsworthy, viral, cute, conspicuous and awesome stuff. With this handy application, you will find the perfect videos, images and stories faster than any other app.

Grand St.


Grand St. is an innovative helpful tool for self-governing and creative technology. If you like to be distinct, inventive and challenging, then this particular Android app can be a good platform. Most people like to spend time inventing new things and they will find this application perfectly fit in every aspect of the new technology. This is among best new Android apps this week.

Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser

Though app market is filled with numerous browsers, yet Yandex plays a vital role in providing Android users with intuitiveness and simplicity. Just tap to reach your favorite site or webpage. This browser works faster due to data compression technology. So no worries even if you have slow internet connection.



Neat is a special Digital Filing System which assists you organize, transform and access your significant info across all the devices you use. You can easily manage your key files anytime, anywhere. The camera on an Android device can be used to scan in business cards, receipts and other documents.


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