3 Useful Apps for Android Users

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It is known to all that majority of the Smartphones are based on Google’s Android OS and there are manifold reasons to opt for this stunning platform. Most people prefer installing exciting apps and games that can deliver the best sort of entertainment.

On the other hand, having some good useful and productive apps should not be overlooked at all. Though technology brings fun to one’s lifestyle, yet it can be very helpful in making lives easier than before.

Below are 3 useful apps for android users by install which they can boost their activities.

1.     Dollabird – Personal Finance


This app was first launched for iOS and now makes its way to Android. I think this is one of the best calendar apps that one must have. Know what you spend, where you spend and how you spend with a simple budgeting technique.

Those who find it pretty difficult to manage their expenditures can easily get things solved by installing dollabird android app. This costs nothing except for a few seconds that take the application to download.

2.     CALCUL – The Ultimate Calculator


Changes the way you calculate your figures. This is simple, elegant and powerful tool to calculate anything you want to evaluate. One good thing that I like most about it is the ability to select the desired User interface from the given 12 themes. Also the way it calculate things is awesome and make even lengthy calculations very simple.

3.    iSupr8 Vintage Video Cam


It is the photo session time! The iOS version of the app was launched way back in the year 2011. However, finally we get our hands on the Android one which brings great stuff for photo lovers. Explore the amazing features and options to make your photographs stunning with a few taps. You can also share the edited photos to different social networks and that without any irritation.

We hope that you really enjoy our 3 useful apps for android and come back to see more stuff in the coming days.


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