3 Useful Android News Widgets You Must Have

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It has become very significant to know whata??s happening around and news websites provide the best information that you need to know. However, we often cannot find enough time to access different sorts of news sites in order to seek the required info. Android News widgets really make it effortless to access the global happenings right from your phonea??s or tableta??s home screen. Below are 3 worthwhile apps to consider.

AP Mobile










This particular app lets you check out all the news from reliable sources. One of the lovely things that I like most about this is its ability to capture online info and deliver in the offline mode. In this way, you can keep on with your favorite news even when the internet is not available. The widget can also give an easy access to videos and pictures. For getting the hottest stuff, you just need to touch the widget.











If you have always been searching for the hottest stuff, then this app is ideal to select. The app lets you inform about Facebook and Twitter statuses. The key factor that make this famous among users is its user interface. This is quite similar to metro interface used in Windows Phone 8. This widget is capable of showing pictures and videos simultaneously. With in-app search, you can find the news of your interest.

Pulse News

pulse news









Just like the above two, the Pulse news also helps users getting what they should not overlook at all. The app has many interesting features to mesmerize the way you read news. A reader can subscribe to stuff that he or she wants as the first thing. The above Android news widgets can help you stay connected with the world through readable stuff, pictures and videos. So pick up the one you like the most!


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