Zombie Gunship Offers Aerial Defense with Modern Weapons

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Zombie gunship review

Zombie Gunship is a different way to get the best fun-time out of your android phone. You might have played dozens of zombie games portraying bloodshed and horror characters, but this time the game is a slight dissimilar from what you have been playing for hours.

Just imagine you are going to sit inside the AC-130 ground attack aircraft and fighting against the evil forces with the help of modern weapons. Let me tell you that sitting in the airplane might not be an easy job because it requires perfect determination and courage to battle the wicked and tyrant opponents. Zombies can never be your friends, so kill them off and make the world a happy place to live in.

kill and earn

The job is not just to demolish the zombies, but also to safeguard the remaining survivors. So this is a task full of responsibility and challenging environment. The gameplay might be a little bit uneasy to understand because of its newness.

People from all over the world prefer to take pleasure in playing this exciting game whenever they get some free time. The game is fully optimized for every type of device including smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you can play it without getting concerned about your handset’s screen resolution or anything else. Its 3D night vision display gives a better support to play the game at nighttime. It means you will be able to play Zombie Gunship for hours due to its night vision support.

There are many great weapons to try, but following three have an exclusive importance.

  • 40mm Bofors auto-cannon
  • 105mm Howitzer cannon
  • 25mm Gatling gun

It is very easy to win good ranks simply by completing the objectives. Remember you will be granted for killing every single zombie. You can get the Zombie Gunship for free from Play Store.

Zombie Gunship Free Download


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