Tentacle Wars Walkthrough Review

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Tentacle wars review

Tentacle wars can bring a massive entertainment into your life. This is a captivating single player strategy game that lets you take pleasure in the mesmerizing gameplay. The Tentacle wars is actually based upon the famous flash game with twenty five million fans worldwide.

You will not find even a single moment of boredom because it offers 80 missions in an excellent campaign mode. You will be happy to know that a contaminated alien organism is going to die. The players of Tentacle wars can do many things to be satisfied with what they have.

single player strategy game

Determination is very important to enjoy a victorious life and without having good willpower no one can be a successful person. Enemies are everywhere and they dona??t have any mercy in their hearts. We suggest you to beware of the bad things that expected to happen around. You might have never seen such furious enemies before.

tentacle fights

Plan a useful strategy to keep an eye on the enemies and do not get afraid of their brutal activities. Develop the power to convert impossible into possible and leave everything behind. There are several mesmerizing features that make this game fun rich for everyone.

Tentacle Wars Features:

  • HD Display Support
  • 80 single player missions
  • Original Soundtrack
  • All new game experience
  • Optional Random level generator
  • Microscopic World
  • Easy to get in and hard to put down
  • Suspenseful Atmosphere

The tentacle wars unlike other apps is not a free application, but you need to spend $2.50 to get it on your Smartphone or tablet device. The current price being offered is actually 50% off and you can take advantage of this extra discount.

Download Tentacle Wars from Google Play Store.


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