Talking Ben the Dog Free for Android

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Talking Ben free download

Talking Ben is an outstanding Android app made to make your device fun-filled. Ben is enjoying is interesting life of drinking, eating and reading the newspaper. He is a retired chemistry professor and has a great knowledge about different things. He does not listen to everyone unless someone bothers him for a long time period. You will have to make efforts by teasing him constantly so that he may respond to your queries.

You can talk to the Talking Ben, tickle or poke him. Users often feel pleasure to have a conversation with Ben through the telephone. If you wish to speak with this experienced dog, then try to download Talking Ben free android app from the Google Play Store. Don’t worry! You will not have to pay even a single buck for getting this beautiful application as it’s totally free.


Ben also likes to visit his chemistry lab where you can accompany him while doing several types of experiments to invent new things. Have ultimate enjoyment to see Ben’s hilarious reactions on the go. You can also record a humorous video of your telephone talk with Ben and then share it with your loved ones.

How to Enjoy the Talking Ben:

  • Poke the newspaper of Ben to make him fold it.
  • Now talk to him and he will repeat the same words.
  • Slap or poke Ben’s face, feet, belly or hands.
  • Scratch Ben’s Belly.
  • Record a jokey video of the telephone conversation with Talking Ben.
  • Swipe or Poke Ben’s graduation picture.
  • Press buttons to make him drink, belch and eat.
  • Have a great fun with Talking Ben in his famous chemistry laboratory
  • Record lovely videos and share on Facebook, YouTube or even email them to your friends and family.

This is one of the loveliest apps available on the app market to date. You can also make your Smartphone a fun house by downloading the Talking Ben app free from the Google Play Store.


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