Royal Trouble for Android Review

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Royal Trouble Android review

Enjoy the Royal Trouble for android and experience the mesmerizing gameplay!

Princess Nathaniel and Princess Loreen find themselves sealed in a prison and dona??t know how they got there. Let me tell you that she is very witty, bright and rebellious. Similarly, he is smart, brave and handsome. This pair is going to save their lives by fighting against the brutal people.


You are free to move anywhere in the castle to find the exit. It is necessary to avoid being caught by someone, or else the ruthless people will slaughter you without any mercy. This is going to be a wonderful adventure for those who like to be a part of an important journey. Well, this is not just a journey because our life is at a big peril.

royal trouble fun

You need to find the useful items to manage their inventories play marvelous mini-games and solve puzzles. This is all in your hand now, so take pleasure in such a wonderful adventurous trip. The Royal Trouble is a fun game with twists and entertainment. It will never let you feel boredom.

mysterious captivity

You are assigned the task of solving the mysterious captivity problem with both of them and set them free. However, it is not as convenient as you might be thinking right now. The app is free to download and you will not have to spend anything to install it on your Smartphone or tablet.

resolve the riddle

Unlock the complete adventure by playing the game using your expertise.

  • Charming witty characters
  • 16 intricate mini games
  • 22 entertaining locations
  • Hotheaded combination of the mystery, fun and romance.

Find exists

You will definitely love to take some pleasure out of this enchanting and mysterious game. Royal trouble is being downloaded by many Android users because the game renders the perfect entertainment package beyond expectations.

Simply hit the download button below to for the free acquisition.

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