Royal Revolt 2 Fighting for Your Kingdom

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The world famous Royal Revolt 2 is now back again with enhanced fun and entertainment. New exciting levels to combat with enemies and customize things as per requirements.

Now you need to defend the castle and construct a deadly network for all the opponents. I have played this sort of games before, but this time happen to see something more nifty and attention grabbing.


Saving the kingdom is not that easy as it seems. The game has come up with real fun time that you missed in the previous versions. However, now users will not have to come across any difficult situation because the gameplay is very smooth and addictive. Things that stimulate android users to play the game over and over again are;

  • Multiplayer strategy
  • Fantastic 3D Graphics
  • Design Your battleground

A man really does not know about his enemies in the early childhood. Actually, a human being never hates anyone internally from the beginning of his/her life. It is the environment, parents, teachers and surroundings that make a person good or bad.

So dare to share the skills of fighting and never budge from your mission. Love things that you like to do in the battlefield because no one is there to stop or disturb you at all.

You need to use the simple touch controls in order to lead the hero toward the desired place or spot. Construct castles and defense just at the flick of fingers. Users have also the advantage of customizing buildings, magics and troops to add more allure to the gameplay.

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