NVIDIA SHIELD Update out Now

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There are millions of NVIDIA SHIELD lover in the world and they like to keep their gaming device fully up to date. Today we have good news for all users of this particular gadget. The NVIDIA SHIELD update is now available for the game lovers and coming over-the-air.

This time the update is coming in shape of a 402.6MB software update package to fix all the latency issues. If you have been experiencing the lag problem, then say no more to this problem. The hottest NVIDIA SHIELD update will demolish all the lagging issues and make your device a flawless machine ideal for every sort of games.

Some of the users have also reported that their devices cannot be synced properly. They experienced problems with audio and visual compliance while playing the game. Well, the new update will also address this particular problematic situation. Apart from the enhancements and bug fixes, the upgrade will bring lots of other great things to make your gadget more enriched with lovely features.

Users must be ready to receive the update because it is now on the go. It can hit your device any time without any further delay. You must be lucky to get the update automatically; however, it is advisable to check for it manually in case you do not get it mechanically. To do this you may head to Settings app > About Shield > select System Updates.

Is there anyone who has bought the product and now waiting for the NVIDIAL SHILED update?

Do let us now if you have obtained the update.


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