Jungle Heart Android Game Review

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There are numerous wonderful options available when a person goes to the Google Play Store for downloading the desired apps and games. However, there are very few apps that can surely provide you with the best of entertainment and fun. Jungle Heart Android game is one of the most fun-rich apps available on the app market. It provides constant enjoyment without any pause and can be a perfect way to kill time.

“Jungle Heart has a very interesting and addictive gameplay that inspires you to play the game for hours without getting bored.”

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We suggest you to get an Android game that can run perfectly on your device. For this purpose, you will need to check the compatibility of any specific application with your smartphone or tablet. This is how you can access an ideal game that could be an entertainment blaster. Create, manage and train your own army to fight against foes. Never budge even an inch from your mission and be steadfast in the ranks.

junge heart review

The game has easy to understand controls and everyone can manage to play the Jungle Heart without facing any sort of trouble at all. It is highly recommended that you check out a tutorial of the game so that everything can be understood more conveniently. Moreover, this will also give you a practical exposure of how to play the game in a flawless manner. It is hard to find a perfect app because each has some flaws. Same is with this particular game as it has some pros and cons.


  • Enjoy trying easy tactics to explore more action
  • Detailed and fun visuals putting smile on your face
  • A wide range of soldiers available throughout the entire game
  • User-friendly theme and addictive gameplay


  • Necessity of diamonds used to accelerate building
  • Tegra 3 issue makes it a bit uncomfortable for the Nexus 7 users


Despite a few errors, the game is almost superb in every aspect. Those who wish to play a fantastic action game based on battlefield should try this gorgeous game. You can free download the Jungle Heart from the Google Play Store.


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