Fruit Ninja Android Game Review

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Fruit ninja

It must be a difficult task to find a person who does not love to eat fruits. There are a large number of people who never want to stay away from the fruity world. If you are also one of these kinds of enthusiast, then Fruit Ninja is an ideal Android game for your device.

Fruit Ninja is a salacious action game with soft and squishy fruit carnage. Most of us have enjoyed games full of bloodshed and need something different to entertain with. This is an outstanding package to feel the difference. Take pleasure and submerge in the sweet destruction of tasty fruits.

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Try to cut off as much fruit as you can because this will increase your score. There are three attractive and fun game modes including Classic, bonus Dojo and Openfeint. If you wish to know about the best slashing game ever available on Android, then Fruit Ninja is the only name that comes into mind first.

The most exciting thing about this gorgeous game is its fruity and interesting gameplay that lets you enjoy hours of entertainment without getting bored. What I have found best about this is the “5 fruit combo”. This is a section in which you will have to slash 5 fruit items using a single swipe.

You just don’t worry because every fruit will be there to make you feel contented. All you need to is to simply start slashing everything with continuous swipes. Millions of people have downloaded this wonderful game from the Play Store and you can also join them to enjoy the pleasure of being a fruit cutter.

Download Fruit Ninja ($1.07)


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