Flying Fox Making your Device Blazing

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Flying Fox Android

Do you want to try out some blazing entertainment on your Android device?

Flying Fox is a fantastic Android game that lets you feel out of this world. This is all about chickens and you need to target them on the go. Every stage of this fascinating game provides ultimate entertainment without letting you feel bored.

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Though the hard to reach hens will create several problematic situations, yet you need to chase them before the time runs out. Numerous lovely features make the flying fox a fantastic Android game for everyone. No matter you are young, old or adult because the game provides pure fun.

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Flying Fox Features:

  • Mysterious levels with loads of variety.
  • Exclusive gameplay, pounce down from above and take the chickens away.
  • Chase the chickens and beat the time limit.
  • Show off your score online to friends.
  • Use interesting things like bowling balls to bang and get those nasty chickens.

You might have taken pleasure in enjoying several types of games, but flying fox is unique due to its entertainment-rich levels. This is an ideal app for those who wish to get some extra entertainment from their cell phone. Graphics of the game are superb because its vibrant scenery grabs everyonea??s attention.

Free download Flying Fox from Google Play Store.


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