Flappy Bird for Android Will be Back to Play Store in August

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Flappy Bird

Playing games is an addiction for gamers and they cannot help it at all. This could be the reason why the always keep an eye out to see what’s new on the Play Store. After Angry Birds being the world-famous series of gamers, now the Flappy Bird for Android is ready to take the top position of the gaming industry.

For your information, it was taken down from the Google Play Store after a few days from its launch. The reason for its removal was its crazy popularity within a few days. The developer didn’t want people to spend their hours wasting on playing this game. However, it seems that there must have been some sort of technical or software glitches that needed to be fixed.

The good news for enthusiasts is that the Flappy Bird for Android is coming back to Google’s play store in August.

My personal experience says that the addictive gameplay of such games puts people to an addiction and sometimes it gets harder for them to successfully complete the difficult levels. This causes embarrassment or continuous monotony and melancholy. A few days back a video went viral in which a guy tries to effectively pass a level of this game and suddenly he smashed the phone with hammer when the situation went against.

This is an example of how a game can bring negative results in one’s personality and behavior. I really do not want you guys to do the same thing because this would let you lose temper. There must be thousands of people ready to grab the fun pack again when it will launch again in August.

There is a hunch that the new Flappy bird for Android will cause Angry Birds to lose its fame.

Source: Kotaku


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