FIFA 14 for Android Now Available, Brings Real Soccer Entertainment

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FIFA 14 for Android finally lands on Google Play Store and many soccer lovers must be heading to get this fantastic game. There are numerous football fans that have been waiting for this great game to become available on Android platform for so long. Finally, it makes the first official appearance offering wonderful features. Well, the real functioning of the app will be evaluated after personally experiencing its gameplay.

FIFA 14 android game

There is no dearth of soccer fans across the globe and they love to be engaged in this delightful game. So ita??s a good opportunity for such enthusiasts to have their beloved game right on their Android smartphone or tablet. The FIFA 14 for Android is very easy to play and even the novices can take pleasure in enjoying its fun levels.

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Remember this is the North American version of the app which is available on the Play Store. On the other hand, you might not be able to grab the Swiss version because ita??s incompatible with most of the devices. The game provides everything that a football addict needs or expects from a FIFA game. The most stunning thing is the existence of real teams, players and leagues. You might not be able to find such content anywhere else.

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Now you have got a chance to have your own team and see them winning the world cup. This game provides you an opportunity to accomplish your dreams by struggling hard through the tough situations. It has been observed that most games do not work well both on smartphones and tabs. Fortunately, the FIFA 14 for Android has been especially optimized for the tablet users.

The game is friendly and compatible with all American devices running Android 2.3.3 or above. So you will be able to enjoy the game even if your device is running Gingerbread.

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