Enemy Lines for True Battlers

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enemy lines for android

Today, the world has become a merciless place to live in and the people do not like to be a part of any battlefield.

a??Enemy Lines is a fantastic Android app for those who really have a true fighting spirit for the sake of their nation.a??

Do you like to exist in a fray?

Obviously a common person would not like to be a part of any fight. Well, the other brutal warriors do not think so and they like to create a haphazard situation around the world.


Now ita??s up to you to build and train your military troops. This is the right time to take revenge because ruthless fighters have created uproar in the life of common people. If you are a true patriot and want to do something worthwhile for your country, then come into arena and demolish all the egoists. They are heartless and do not care about the innocence of citizens.

build base

It is advisable to consolidate your military and urge the to fight against the cruelty. Ita??s a??now or nevera?? situation for everyone. The Enemy lines help you to upgrade troops and play via riveting campaign. This is a real time policy game where you need to be very serious.

What you can do in Enemy Lines?

  • Train vehicle, air and infantry units using special combat skills
  • Form coalition and compete with other players in weekly tournaments using leagues and ladders
  • Face off against Blackscar enemy in a striking campaign
  • Engage yourself in strong player Vs. player battles for medals and resources

kill the enemies

Important caution: The Enemy Lines will enforce you to play the game time and again.

The Enemy Lines is actually free to play, but you can pay for the special items you buy during playing the game. Do not worry! There are not too many in-app payments that you will have to make.

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