Dungeon Hunter 4 Official Trailer Now Live, Android Version Delayed

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Dungeon hunter 4 trailer

Dungeon Hunter 4 has become very famous among Android fans even before its arrival. Users have been waiting for the game for many weeks and still it is not available on the Google Play Store. However, we have good news for the lovers of this overwhelmed app.

a??Dungeon Hunter 4 official trailer has been released from Gameloft and the new version appears to be more dramatic and fun-filled.a??

We are just astonished to see the enchanting HD display and you would also love its mesmerizing graphics. The app has been officially released on iOS, but not available on Android so far. All the users of the Googlea??s mobile operating system are waiting for the game with great enthusiasm.

Gameloft apologize for the delay and aims to launch Dungeon Hunter 4 on Android OS soon. Therefore, you should not get embarrassed as the app will be soon running on your device. Those who cannot live without playing this game should keep patience until the company makes an official launch on the Google Play Store.

Nevertheless, iOS users can take pleasure in enjoying the hypnotic entertainment provided by the Dungeon Hunter 4. Previous version of the game is available on Gamelofta??s official website and you can grab it by clicking the previous link.

Android users should not be worried on the delay because they can submerge their craze by watching the Dungeon Hunter 4 official trailer released by Gameloft. This trailer is given at the end of this post and you can watch it later on after reading the entire article.

Dungeon Hunter 3 is currently available on the Play Store and you can play it on your device until the next version becomes officially available for download.

We are quite hopeful that the Dungeon Hunter 4 would be soon available on Android. Keep in touch with us to know the official release of this eminent game.


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