Diversion for Android Offers Ultimate Fun

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Diversion Android free download

Diversion for Android is among one of the best running games available to date. It offers consistent pleasure and entertainment without any break. If you wish to enjoy a wonderful time, then never overlook a pleasurable game.

This particular game is available for Android and provides great entertaining levels on the go. You do not need to understand any hard and fast rules in order to play the game successfully. Instead, be familiar with the things happening around and start running the character without seeing behind. Diversion for Android is an immersive fun and you might not be able to take such gorgeous enjoyment from any other app.


Those who are tired of playing boring and irritating stuff should go for this brand new game genre. Enjoy 200 fun-filled levels, 600 characters and 5 mesmerizing worlds. By downloading this app, you will be joining a massive group of 4 million players who are enjoying this marvelous application from around the world.


The diversion for Android is updated time to time in order to bring more fantastic things for the players. It is also available with tablet support and users can take pleasure in playing the game on a big screen.

Leta??s have a look at the key features:

  • Compete against Google+ friends
  • Perfect support for tablets
  • Google Play achievements
  • Google Play Leaderboards
  • Boss battles
  • Rejoice yourself with characters, levels and gem packs
  • Challenging gameplay needs puzzle solving and timing
  • Try out your didactic skills to complete levels
  • Regular Bonus! Reap high benefits, gems and characters daily.
  • 200 inspiring levels
  • Physics powered by PhysX
  • 600+ fully-animated playable characters to collect and unlock
  • Xperia PLAY enhanced
  • Different experience every time you play
  • Google TV support
  • Special Support for Bluetooth controllers: NVIDIA Project Shield, Moga, HID
  • 3rd person camera to let you watch all the action


It is better to find some time for entertainment because routine work put a hard working person to boredom. Playing good games could be a key to celebrate your life. A?You can free download the Diversion for Android from the Google Play Store.


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