Danger Dash a?? An Adventure Game for Android

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danger dash for android

Danger Dash is a completely fun based game that includes everything related to adventure. If you love being outside to enjoy something extra entertaining, then it is imperative to have a game like this. Here you will have to come across dangerous tigers. So run and escape from these evil tigers in order save your life.

There are many amazing features of this particular game that will take you to the heights of enjoyment. Although ita??s a serious escape involving tragic scenes, yet it is filled with amusement. The Adventure girl, Miranda Rose, need your assistance to get through all levels. If you dare to accomplish missions or escape danger, then this is the right kind of game.

It is very adventurous to run through the jungle, endure a rush of obstacles and find the way out. All these things make Danger Dash a mysterious temple run. I must say ita??s all about running faster and saving your life. A real courageous person can do it without any worries. People often fed up playing boredom and need a bit change in their routine lifestyle.

After huge success of Temple Run sequel, ita??s time to get your hands on another wonderful run fun. Jumps, slides and traps make the game more addictive beyond your expectations. You can easily jump over broken trees and columns to avoid harm and danger. Do not get anxious if something hurts you while playing the game because power-ups will refill the life. In this way, you will be able to have fun for an expanded time period.

Unlocking the next level could be the most challenging task for a beginner. However, this can be done after practicing the game for a few times. You can also track your ranks on the online leaderboards and let your friends know about your score. So Danger Dash will definitely make you feel great.

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