Counter Striker with Smooth Shooting Experience

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How many strikers are out there?

Counter Striker is an outstanding Android game that brings tons of fantastic features. If you are missing an exciting shooting gameplay, then here comes the real striker.

The game comes with smooth shooting and cool graphics. There are several wonderful features that make it an extremely entertaining game. Here you can enjoy the first-person shooter experience that really lets you know the real meanings of bravery.

You are not alone in the game, but there are many other soldiers ready to give their lives away for the sake of this nation. Users are required to explore all the unique maps and then search out the enemies in order to get rid of them all.

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The entire gameplay is based upon the fighting style spirit where you can easily select various sorts of heavy or normal guns. These are ideal for the precise shooting and never create hurdle in focusing the target. Some of the prominent weapons include DEAGLE, AK-47, USP, AWP sniper and M4A1.

All you need to do is simply pick up the gun that you like the most and shoot all the enemies before they attack you. Dona??t let the enemies come closer because this could be very harmful. You might not be able to perform the best job initially, but a little experience can help a lot in doing the right things when the death is hovering over heads.

It is worth noting that you are leading an army and thus accountable for every loss sustained to the nationa??s strength. Always plan and think strategically so that no plan goes wasted. Remember, this could be the most heroic fight that you had every fought against anyone.

Extra bonuses can be earned and the weapon can also be reloaded at the time of need. So there is nothing to be worried about gun loss.

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