Carmageddon Android Lets You Enjoy Freedom Of Drive

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Carmageddon Android Car Racing game

Carmageddon AndroidA?offers the ultimate driving sensation to those who like to drive their vehicles faster.

This is not just about a car race, but you are going to take part in the rush automotive killing machines.

race against opponents

Dare to play the game without any concerns because it renders the best swift entertainment ever. There are no hard and fast rules that you need to follow while playing the Carmageddon Android, but you can enjoy driving the car wherever you like.

36 levels

City violence can create disturbance for your car when it is on the go. Cows and pedestrians walk alongside the roads, so you need to drive not with negligence. Most of you people may not be aware of the fact that this PC & Mac classic game was banned around the world. Well, now it’s back and available for Android users.

hidden powerups

Take pleasure in playing the Carmageddon Android on your tablet or Smartphone. One thing that clicks me more is the real-world environment of this game. You would also love to be a part of such a realistic gameplay. Get ready to use the car as a weapon and start creating violence in the city.

race wreck

Do not be anxious about power-ups as almost every level is sprinkled with multiple goodies. A player simply needs to collect the things that can help in sustaining long lasting power.

Carmageddon Android Features:

  • Different control methods: tilt, analogue (mix and match), digital
  • 28 crazy opponents
  • Race and Crash opponents in order to unlock the 30 playable cars
  • 11 madly frightening environments
  • Career Mode features about 36 violent levels
  • Environment maps and lots of special effects
  • Buckets of gibs
  • Edit the control layout according to your preferences and desires
  • Inclusive action replay system
  • Tons of laughs
  • Improved pre-lit environments

different control options

Unlock all cars to add more to the entertainment package provided by the Carmageddon Android. Unlike several other free apps, this particular racing game is not available free of cost. You will have to pay $1.84 to grab it on your Android tablet or Smartphone.


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