Bridge the Wall and Lift the Car

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Bridge the wall

Looking for another fun blaster on Android?

Here comes bridge the wall, an exciting game based on fabulous physics and truly amazing gameplay.

Just get your finger ready to tap whenever your car is on the verge of mountain fall. Building a nice bridge has never been so easier as you can do this all through a single tap of your finger tip.

The car can fall into the deep valley where it can tear into pieces. Therefore, you need to save it from getting smashed with rocks or other hurdles creating disturbance in the way. The game is not that difficult to play and get skilled with because it offers a very smooth and interesting gameplay.


Remember, car will run only on those bridges that are built by your finger tip. If you get failed in bridging the distance, then defeat is there to kill you back. The joining of walls is very exciting job and you will love doing that without getting distracted by any other thing.

I have personally experienced the danger of staying at the edge of hefty mountains. So all you need to do is to be affirmed in your ranks and never budge even an inch if wish to stay alive in the game. Falling down will require you to start efforts from the beginning.


Those who wish to get rid of troublesome things should try this amazing ride. You might have rode cars on the roads, but doing this on mountains is a completely different experience. The game does not let you stay within the limits of your device, but you can score higher, submit and compete with other players from around the world. This is really a fun thing to try out.

You can get bridge the wall game for Android by clicking the below link.

Bridge the Wall – Free Download


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