Boulder Dash for Android 30th Anniversary Now Unveiled

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After ruling over Mac and PC, it’s time to take on Android and iOS. The Bounder Dash grabbed the attention of the world’s gaming enthusiasts. Now it is going to be released early in the year 2014 on both Android and iOS. So now you can take the benefit of playing this glorious game on your Smartphone or tablet.

 Boulder Dash now available for android

There is nothing to be concerned if you do not have an expensive gaming console because it can easily be played on normal Android devices. The game is fully rich with amazing and interesting things and some of these are mentioned below.

Important Features:

  • Exclusive new creatures and worlds with amazing 3D animations and elements
  • Cave packs featuring additional creatures, new worlds and other features available as in-app-purchases
  • Both female and male characters: Crystal and Rockford
  • New multicolored Power ups, Gem combos, Dash Mode and collectibles
  • Over 50 new levels and advanced physics
  • Stunning graphics based on truly amazing visuals
  • First boulder Dash game include diagonal movement and walls
  • Cave editor comprised for the first time since 1986

You must know that Boulder Dash for Android is the first collaboration by Chris Gray and Peter Liepa, the two creators of Boulder Dash, since this particular game was first released in the year 1984.

The true gameplay includes new elements to make users feel awesome throughout the entire play. For your interest, some of the new tidbits include diagonal movement, intriguing puzzles, using ramps and a lot more. If you have been a die-hard fan of this game series, then the Boulder Dash for Android 30th anniversary is a great option to avail.



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