Angry Cats – A Game Akin to Angry Birds

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Angry cats

It could be a bit hard to find a person who has not played the world-famous Angry birds game series. The game includes diverse levels that don’t seem to be ending soon. After the great popularity of this particular game, now we see another concept similar to the Angry birds. This might work as the developers want to use the former mega hit as a compliment.

Angry Cats is getting famous on the Google Play Store and people are loving the game at all levels.

Just like the angry birds, this is also free to download and install. So you should not have to be worried about any sort of in-app purchases or other paid stuff. The Angry cats enjoy good ratings on the Play Store and seems to continue with the same prestigious flow.


The physics-based gameplay provides a great level of entertainment and do not let you sit idle doing nothing except for tapping for a couple of times. Start throwing differnet sorts of cats and involve yourself in the gameplay. This is how you can derive the optimum level of entertainment through it.

The Angry Cats include 60 levels full of fun and pleasure. Users will be able to throw 5 kinds of cats, each with unique color. Various dog enemies are there to create hurdles and obstacles. Do not get worried about the powers because the game also provides free power-ups to keep the game on the go.

So if you wish to explore the fun box right on your Android phone or tab, then this game is not a bad choice at all.

Angry Cats for Android – Free Download


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