Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Lands on Play Store

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angry birds star wars 2 review

Angry Birds is one of the most widely played games across the world. Preferably, it is played on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. It comes pre-loaded in many renowned cell phones because the manufacturers are aware of its great popularity.

a??Angry Birds Star Wars 2 just hits the Google Play Store and this time comes fully packed with astonishing fun features.a??

All the Angry Birds fans from around the world should get ready to enjoy the next version of this exciting game. The angry birds star wars 2 is based on the prelude films. If you wish to bring your inner child out to do something weird, then ita??s the right time to take a quick action.


There are more than thirty playable characters in the latest game. Everyone from Queen Amidala to Mace Windu is included this time in order to provide you an extra dose of entertainment. One of the most important reasons for adding too many characters is to engage users and make them addictive to its fascinating gameplay. Now the telepods which are small statuettes created by Hasbro can be a??teleporteda?? into the game. This all happens through the devicea??s camera which reads the code from the bottom side of figure and it appears in the game.


This is an interesting addition to the latest game and it will definitely grab the attention of users. The game can also be played without Telepods, but you can enjoy more fun with a few in-app purchases in order to unlock things. It is worth knowing that the ad-free edition of Angry Birds Star Wars 2 costs $0.99 which is a good deal to consider. Nevertheless, Rovio is still hopeful that you will plunk down a cost of $14.95 on a package of Telepods.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Free Download

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 $0.99


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