Angry Birds Friends To Captivate Your Senses

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Angry birds friends for challenge lovers

Do you want to play angry birds with your friends?

This time fun has reached a peak position as you can enjoy playing this world famous game with your loved ones without facing any problem. No matter wherever you are, just start enjoying the real fun of the Angry bird friends and forget the worries of boring games.

Angry birds for friends

The previous versions of this hit game have mesmerized the senses of the players. Also the upcoming versions are coming with more entertainment and fun. If you wish to become a successful player of the Angry Birds Friends, then you will have to practice it time and again. In this way, you will be able to understand the rules and tricks quite decently.

Angry birds friends

The Angry birds friends is not a paid app, but available for free on the App market. Challenge your Facebook friends to play the Angry birds on their devices. You can also start playing from your Smartphone or tablet. This would be a great fun to enjoy such sort of fascinating entertainment package.

fun for all

You can play in the weekly tournaments with your buddies and this would not create any problematic situation at all. Collect daily awards and enjoy prize winning gameplay. Silver and gold trophies are waiting for you to play the game successfully and earn the reward.

Angry Birds Friends Features:

  • Send gifts, brag and invite your FB contacts to play the angry birds friends.
  • Weekly tournaments to enrich the gameplay.
  • Daily awards!
  • Challenge your buddies for silver, bronze & gold trophies.
  • Free bird coins to complete tutorials.
  • 4 classic power ups and one unique to the Angry Birds Friends on Smartphone.
  • Automatically sync with Facebook.

You will not have to mess with lots of irritating things while start playing the Angry Birds Friends game. The only thing you need to do is to have a good internet connection and Facebook login.

Free Download:

Angry Birds Friends


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