Amazon Smartphone Might Come in June

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Amazon is strengthening its roots in the phone industry and we all know it is among the pioneers when it comes to the online retail world. Kindle Fire is one of the most popular product from this company and now we are heading to see more in the coming days.

According to the so far leaked info, Amazon smartphone is going to be the next big thing and expected to hit store shelves in June.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Amazon Smartphone is currently in the process and expected to bring a stunning 3D display along with hologram like images. However, you will not have to get any special glassed to take benefit from this sort of display. Retina tracking technology is said to be used in cameras or sensors.

Unfortunately, no other details on specs and features have been revealed so far. We are keeping an eye on more news coming out of this corner and will update you once get anything special.

The new Amazon Smartphone is anticipated to come out by the end of June 2014 and might get available for purchase until the end of September. If this news turn out to be true, then there must be a great space for Amazon-made product. A display with 3D images will definitely do a lot more than what current mobile phones do.

Folks are excited and curious to see the 3D technology in mobile phones and that’s the reason why this rumor has got a great hype all across the tech world. Even if the 3D Display phone has something unique to offer, yet it will have to face a very tough competition from the world’s renowned phone manufacturers. Those waiting for this to become available should park this idea until September this year.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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