Suede Nexus 4 Cover from Lovely Waterfield Designs

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Nexus 4 Cover for $10

Looking for a protective cover to shield your Nexus 4?

Suede brings a cool Waterfield design that will make you feel astonished. This specific Nexus 4 cover gives the maximum protection as well as add more to the beauty of your device.

It is advisable to adopt proper measures for the best safety and defense of your expensive Smartphone or tablet. Whenever you look to protect a device, case cover is always the first option to choose from.

There is no shortage of fantastic jackets that can fit well to your tablet or Smartphone, but it is necessary to opt for the best one. In this way, you will feel completely satisfied regarding safety concerns.

Suede Jacket Black

Some people hesitate in spending a few bucks to purchase a reliable case cover. They should not be too miser because a little negligence can cause their expensive device to be broken. Well, there would be nothing more disastrous than having a broken phone or tab,

Thata??s the reason why everyone likes to have a reliable and beautiful jacket just like this Nexus 4 cover. We know the people like to have things that look good at first glance, but they should also be concerned about the durability and safety issues.


As far as the Waterfield Designs are concerned, they are best known for the captivating appearance. This Suede jacket is also available for some other Smartphone devices as well. They include Blackberry Q10 & Z10, HTC One X, HTC One, iPhone 4S/5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Nokia Lumia 920 and 900, Galaxy Note 2, Motorola Razr HD, Sony Xperia ZL and Z.

This Suede Nexus 4 Cover is available for just $14 along with an additional pocket. However, you can also purchase the cover alone for $10 only. The extra pocket can be easily used for keeping a charger or anything else of this volume.

Well, now keep your device scratch resistant by getting the Suede Nexus 4 cover.


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