HTC Accessories for New HTC Android Smartphones

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HTC has been top of the piles this year due to its “One series” which is a great success for the current financial year. The HTC One is the flagship smartphone of the company that comes with a variety of amazing features. People from around the world have shown interest in purchasing this wonderful device and there are millions of users who own this beautiful handset at present. HTC Accessories for the hottest HTC smartphones can play a vital role in doubling the Android experience. That’s the reason why demand for various accessories is being raised across the globe.

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Apart from this year’s flagship phone, HTC has also launched other amazing variants such as HTC One Mini. If you own any of these mobile phones, then you will like to know about the latest htc accessories in order to make the usage expedient. Two most important Bluetooth accessories are pretty famous nowadays and they probably the first-of-their-kind. They are called HTC Mini+ and HTC Fetch.

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First I would like to talk about “Fetch” which is a Bluetooth designed clip. It goes right into your key chain and never lets you be away from your Smartphone. If you often forget to pick up your handset at different places, then this is the right kind of accessory for your need. On the contrary, the Mini+ gets connected to the smartphone and allows you to take as many calls as you want. This will facilitate you to receive calls without even holding or touching your handset. This could be an ideal option for those who use smartphone most often while travelling or driving a vehicle.

Cost of the Fetch is around $50 while the Mini+ is available for $80. Both of these HTC Accessories can work well to make your life easier and free from hassle. To know more, please visit the links given below.

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