Samsung Smart Dock Exclusively for Your Galaxy Note 2

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Samsung Smart Dock

Myriad helpful accessories make it easy for us to take the advantage of our precious electronic devices.

“Samsung smart dock is fully supported with Galaxy note 2 and it makes the note a complete electronic package.”

Do you wish to take benefit from the fast processor and high speed internet connectivity of Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

I am sure, you would love to.

With Samsung smart dock, you can connect an external storage device, an HD monitor, and a mouse and USB keyboard to convert your Smartphone into an unbelievable productivity powerhouse.

Now, there are no more requirements to purchase a new personal computer as Galaxy note 2 is sufficient to satisfy your PC needs. Samsung smart dock helps you in messaging, accessing media files and editing documents.

Samsung Smart Dock

If you are one of the music blasters, then this piece of docking can be very constructive. Simply plug in 3.5 mm audio speakers and get your own home theater. Well, this is all in one and nothing else needed.

“Samsung Smart dock is available for just $89.95 and the package includes 2 AMP microUSB travel charger and smart dock.”

The individual who is going to spend money for this electronic gadget would like to know about its features. So, here these are:

  • 1080p video
  • Micro-USB charger
  • Works perfectly with Samsung Galaxy note 2
  • HDMI out
  • Works with an OEM flip cover
  • 3 USB ports

Let me remind you again that this Samsung smart dock does not work with devices other than Galaxy note 2. So, if you have any other Smartphone or tablet, then try to look for the dock which is compatible with your device.

The actual device’s appearance and color could be different from that appearing on the webpage. You can get this dock by clicking here.


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